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International College of Energy Healing

House Healing Mentoring Program

There is so much of this world that we don't yet understand. We see so much, yet we see so little. Our busy lives have impacted on our ability to connect with our intuitive self. We forget to rely on our innate ability to perceive the subtle energy that is all around. The only real thing is what we can see, feel, taste, hear and smell, right?

The House Healing Mentoring Program is a journey which will help you to reveal the unseen. To tap into the ultimate source of knowledge and will allow you to see and interact with the world in a deep and meaningful way. You will be asked to set aside logic and embrace intuition. Intuition which is brought to life through dowsing. You will learn to embrace the very natural ability of dowsing.

Let's start with the destination in mind. This 12-month mentoring program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to use dowsing to understand what is impacting a location and to resolve what is detrimental to those residing there. We will delve into aspects of human existence and experience that impact us. From earth energy, harmful electro-magnetic frequencies, restless spirits and placed memory to black magick and curses, you will learn techniques to identify the full extent of a location and its inhabitants. There is no program like this on Vancouver Island, it is unique, expansive and high quality.

You will learn dowsing techniques you can apply to your own health and wellness as well as the others in your life. Whether family members, friends, or clients, you will have an extensive set of dowsing skills to help. You will peek behind the seen world in the realm of the unseen.

On this journey you will be building your trust and confidence in the use of dowsing rods and pendulums and learning techniques to identify the subtle energies that exist just beyond our five senses. With the practice of dowsing, you will become far more sensitive to subtle energy and will find your intuition growing.

You will get to connect and interact with the landscape in a deeper way. You will understand how we influence the land and learn how to live a more harmonious life. You will explore harmonious and detrimental energies that can have a profound impact. You will learn how you can heal yourself, others, and the land.

What is House Healing

In my work helping people to heal themselves, I found that wellness and what impacts health is far more complex than just body systems, predisposition, and DNA. We know that mainstream science and medical professionals have embraced the mind-body connection and can see the powerful healing that occurs when a person’s mind-set is oriented towards health and healing and not dis-ease. However, this is only part of the picture of wellness, and this led me to explore the world of earth energies and how it relates to health.

This first captured my attention when “sick building syndrome”. The phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which is believed to cause adverse effects in occupants of specific buildings. The major feature of SBS is that the effects experienced usually begin to disappear upon leaving the ‘sick’ environment. SBS was first reported during the 1960s and due to modern building methods and the desire to make them energy efficient, sealing windows and doors, new forms of ventilation and even building materials. in the 1970’s became more prevalent. In the 1980’s it started to take hold as a real thing. The Health and Safety Executive of the UK wrote reports on the topic and even Prince Charles weighed in blaming city planners and architects for the problem.

Investigations into SBS pinpointed scientific and rationale reasons for a building to be labeled “sick” but I wondered if there was an energetic component to this as well that was being ignored.

It wasn’t until I moved jobs into a mental health trust that I started to see a real correlation between the intangible aspects of the universe and health. Then I met a geomancer that had been employed to work with a mental health organization to ensure the site of the new facility was in alignment with positive earth energies. My tiny mind was blown! Thus, I have been exploring this concept ever since.

My journey has taken me to aspects of house healing that I hadn’t even considered could affect a home and I am honoured to be able to share this knowledge with you so you can diagnose your home first and foremost and the homes of family members, friends and ultimately clients.

Of course, diagnosis is only part of the process, you get to heal the issues. For that we will be exploring a wide variety of things you can bring to the healing process. Some of these you may have already studied but may not have applied in this way and some may be new to you. You are all healers in your own right, and you get to use these principles in the same way.

You get to unlock the healing potential of a home. You get to heal the landscape. It is enormously rewarding and a privilege to do.

So, before we dive into the house healing work – you will be learning dowsing techniques with a pendulum and rods, remote dowsing, earth energies and other aspects of the unseen world that can affect a location. I have no doubt that this journey will change you. At the very least you will develop your relationship with the landscape and hone and align your psychic senses to the unseen world!

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The Program

The program runs for 12-months with a monthly full day workshop and practice activities/sessions in between. Dates for the next progra have not been set yet, although it is anticipated that it will commence late Fall 2021


Workshop 1 & 2 : Dowsing Basics (two day workshop)

In this first workshop we explore what dowsing is and how it applies to house healing/harmonization. You will learn basic dowsing techniques with a pendulum and a rod.

Workshop 2: Remote dowsing

Here you get to practice your dowsing skills remotely using maps. This is an exciting aspect of dowsing that opens up so many possibilities.

Workshop 3: The Sacred Landscape

Our relationship with the land is an essential aspect of understanding the earth, her energy and how it can impact us. In this workshop we will be looking at what makes a landscape sacred, the essence of a place, guardian sprits and how to connect and communicate.

Workshop 4 and 5: Earth energy dowsing

We will have two days to explore the earths meridian system and energy body. We will discover through dowsing certain aspects in the landscape and learn how they impact a location.

Workshop 6: Nature spirits

In this workshop we get to explore the world of elementals and nature spirits. We learn what they are, how to connect and communicate with them.

Workshop 7: Sprits, portals and attachments

There is much more to house harmonization than ley lines and electro-magnetic frequencies. So much unseen energies that can impact us. You get to take a deep dive into these topics and more!

Workshop 8 & 9: Diagnosing your home

Putting all our knowledge and skills together, you will learn how to undertake a full diagnosis of a home.

Workshop 10 & 11 Healing your home

Diagnosing a home is only one part of the process. You must harmonize the aspects you discovered. In these two workshops you will learn techniques to do this, including earth acupuncture.

Workshop 12: Client communication

Here you learn how to undertake a client consultation and write an effective report.

We will be visiting lots of wonderful places in and around Victoria, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get dowsing in the field. 

Each workshop has a detailed set of notes which builds up into a comprehensive course manual

In addition to the 12 workshops there are practice sessions, practice activities for you to do at home and an online community to connect to your fellow students.

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2021 House Healing Mentoring Students

Check out this short video of one of our practice sessions.

Program Cost

The cost of the program (12 workshops, practice sessions and course manual) is $120 per month. Commencing the program commits you to full payment, charged monthly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have never dowsed before, can I still attend?

A. YES! this program is designed for both the novice and an experienced dowser. If you have never dowsed before I will teach you the skills and techniques needed and guide your practice. The rest is up to you! practice makes a good dowser!

Q. Do I need dowsing tools?

A. I do have some loan equipment for students. However, you are advised to purchase a set of sturdy rods and a pendulum. If you are not sure what to buy or where to buy it from - please get in touch and I will guide you.

Q. Is this program offered remotely?

A. At this moment in time, no. It is an in person program only. However, I fully plan to develop a distance learning option.  If this is something you are interested in, please do get in touch so I can evaluate demand.

Q. What if I miss a workshop?

A. Practice sessions are designed to practice techniques studied during workshops. Plus there is usually a willing student or two who are happy to share what was learned. The manual is also provided and I am happy to answer questions.  Please note, the monthly mentoring fee is still applied.

Q. Do I receive a certificate?

A. Yes, a certificate is provided at the end of the program

Q. Is the program accredited?

A. All the programs offered by the International College of Energy Healing are accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Q. As a House Healer can I work remotely?

A. YES! many house healers work remotely. This opens up your potential client based worldwide!

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