International College of Energy Healing

Become a Crystal Therapist

Online Certified Practitioner Training

This course is perfect for those who want to learn the professional skills & knowledge to become a Qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Add Crystal Healing to your existing healing modalities, or learn from scratch how to become a confident Crystal Healer. 

Are you feeling called?

Crystals have a way of calling us to them.  Its like a magnetic pull that can no longer be ignored.  You may have been working with crystals for some time or a total newbie but there is something that is pulling you to want to work with them more consciously.

Maybe you dream of helping others achieve their health and wellness goals and are looking for a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting career.

Whatever drew you - you are in the right place at the right time



This online program is designed to:

*Develop your crystal healing skills and knowledge

*Provide practical training which you can use for yourself and clients

*Increase your confidence and ability to work with people

*Heighten your intuition and innate healing abilities

*Support you to practice in a heart centered, ethical and professional way

Full of Great Content!

You will learn:

• The role of the Crystal Therapist and how to work with people holistically

• How to build a partnership with your crystal allies

• How to care for crystals and work with them safely

• How to choose the best crystal(s) to use and how to use them

• How to use crystals to aid relaxation and stress reduction

• How to use crystals to support the aura and chakra system

• Basic anatomy and physiology, common ailments and how to use crystals to help

• Self-care for you and your clients

• Professional and ethical practice for crystal therapist

• Distant healing techniques with crystals

• Creating crystal grids, elixirs and essences

• How to set up a sacred space for healing

• How to build and grow your business

Your Facilitator

Dawn Kirkham, Master Crystal Therapist

Hi, I’m Dawn Kirkham and I have been working as a Crystal Therapist for over 20 years. I have worked with many clients and students, sharing my passion for crystals and how they can support us.

I trained in the UK and established my crystal therapy practice at a time when crystal healing wasn’t as popular as it is today. There weren’t many places to buy good quality crystals from and it was seen as being very ‘out there’ and on the fringe. I made it my mission to bring crystal healing more fully into the world of holistic health and have worked hard to build its reputation as an effective and powerful complimentary therapy. I have been blown away by the validation that crystals give me, my clients and students every day!

I was called to teach Crystal Healing by my many clients who had experienced the power of crystals in their own wellness journeys and wanted to learn more and the rest is history I guess.

I am honoured to be able to do this work 

Why Choose Me as your Teacher?

  • I have over 20 years’ experience of working consciously with crystals and a lifetime of having a passion for them.
  • All the techniques and approaches I teach I use for myself and my clients. I know they work and are powerful indeed!
  • I am a qualified teacher with many years’ experience of teaching, facilitating and coaching. 
  • I have supported, developed and inspired hundreds of students over the years.
  • I love what I do and am passionate about it.
  • I am 100% committed to supporting you to fulfil your dreams.
  • I am an expert in the field of Crystal Healing (and many other modalities).
  • I walk my talk.  I work with crystals and try to be a role model for my clients and students